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Sky River Drift

Sky River Drift
$72.00 USD
Three exciting adventurous activities are combined in this tour: zip lining, hands-free rappelling and inner tubing.

The tour begins with zip lining, professional guides will set you up with equipment and will tell you how to position your body when you are flying through the air. You will fly through the canopy of the forest on two carbon fiber lines that cover 1600 m (5249 feet). 

When you reach the ground you will get the suitable equipment for the inner tubing. The river is very fast, there are lots of quick turns and midsize rapids. You will ride 3.6 km (2.23 miles) through the heart of the rain forest. Each person gets their own inner tube, a helmet and a life jacket. 


Pick-up and drop-off at several hotels in Arenal.

What to Bring

Comfortable clothing (suitable for aquatic activity), swimsuit, enclosed footwear (suitable for hiking and rafting) and a change of clothes.

What's Included

Zip lining, river drift, equipment, towel and guides.

Tour Time

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Sky River Drift FROM:
$72.00 USD
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Sky River Drift 9:00AM / 3 hours
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