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Paradise Hot Springs

Paradise Hot Springs
$28.00 USD
Paradise Hot Springs Resort provides pools with geothermal water which is heated by the Arenal Volcano.

Paradise Hot Springs has five thermally hot pools and one cold pool to refresh your body. All together is the bathing area 5.904 square feet (548 sq m). The pools are surrounded by tropical gardens with exotic palms, flowers and Costa Rican coffee trees. 

The resort has lots of other facilities next to the pools. Enjoy a hydro massage in the Ginger Jacuzzi, or experience their newest addition, the Oasis Jacuzzi. Look at the Arenal Volcano from under the huts and umbrellas that provide you with some shade. 

The geothermal pools are known to clean your skin, relieve stress and muscle soreness.

Recommendations: get out of the pools every 20-30 minutes to prevent dehydration; wait at least an hour after eating before you go into the pools; if you are pregnant, on any medication, have a special condition or if  you have a skin decease please consult your doctor before entering the pools. 


Pick-up and drop-off at several hotels in Arenal.

What to Bring

Camera, bathing suit and sandals.

What's Included

Entrance fee, showers and lockers.

Tour Time

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Paradise Hot Springs FROM:
$28.00 USD
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