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Pure Trek & Chocolate Tour

Pure Trek & Chocolate Tour
This combo tour will give you a combination between adventure and culture, you will start the day with an energetic canyon tour and end the day with a hands-on chocolate cooking class. In between a typical Costa Rican lunch will be served.

The tour will start with a 30 minute ride in a 4x4 vehicle through the outskirts of La Fortuna. Once you have arrived at the top, the guides will help you with the equipment, you will get gloves, a helmet and a harness. Afterwards, one of the guides will explain to you how you are supposed to rappel down the waterfalls. 

Your canyoning tour will start with the biggest canyon of all 60 m (195 feet). After you have survived this, you will climb up a 10 m (30 feet) wall to the Monkey drop, this drop is a free fall of 20 m (60 feet) into a small pool with water up to your knees. Next to the Monkey drop are four other falls, the last one is on dry wall. The guides will help you go each and every one of the falls safely and on the speed that you prefer. 

After your lunch break, you will head up to Rainforest Chocolate, for the second part of the day. Chocolate has a very long history and is important for the Costa Rican culture. The preparation has changed a lot over the centuries. Historians believe that people from Central and South America were the first to consume chocolate. 

The chocolate tour gives you inside in many of the aspects of chocolate, you will learn how to harvest, dry and grind cacao. Afterwards, you will make a traditional chocolate drink. At last you say goodbye to the Costa Rican jungle with a sample of some of the organic chocolate they make at Rainforest Chocolate. 


Pick-up and drop-off at several Arenal hotels.

What to Bring

Water shoes, walking shoes, quick-drying clothing, a camera and a change of clothes.

What's Included

Lunch, bilingual tour guide and all necessary equipment.

Tour Time

  • 9:00 AM
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Booking options and times for Pure Trek & Chocolate Tour

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Pure Trek & Chocolate 9:00 AM / 7 hours