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Sky Walk

Sky Walk
$26.00 USD
Explore the rain forest via the Sky Walk suspension bridges. The sturdy bridges form a path though the top of the rain forest. From the bridges you can see birds and monkeys that live in the tree tops.

A local guide will lead you along the bridges in the tops of the trees. The Sky Walk is a 2-mile (3.6 km) trail that leads visitors over five suspension bridges and past two observation points. The tour is accessible for all ages, but there are slight elevation changes to keep in mind. 

Cancellation policy: Sky Adventures has a strict cancellation policy. If a reservation is canceled less than 48 hours prior to the tour date, there are no refund possibilities. 


If you want to do the Sky Walk, but also something else you can choose from a variety of combinations, find them under booking options and times.   


Pick-up and drop-off at several hotels in Arenal.

What to Bring

Camera, insect repellent, sunblock, water, raincoat, binoculars, comfortable shoes and hiking shoes.

What's Included

Guided tour.

Tour Time

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Sky Walk FROM:
$26.00 USD
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Booking options and times for Sky Walk

Name Start Time
Sky Walk 7:00 AM / 3 hours
8:00 AM / 3 hours
9:00 AM / 3 hours
11:30 AM / 3 hours
12:30 PM / 3 hours
2:00 PM / 3 hours
Sky Walk & Sky Tram 7:00 AM / 6 hours
8:00 AM / 6 hours
9:00 AM / 6 hours
10:30 AM / 6 hours
11:30 AM / 6 hours
Sky Walk, Sky Tram & Sky Trek 7:00 AM / 7 hours
8:00 AM / 7 hours
9:00 AM / 7 hours
11:30 PM / 7 hours