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Canopy & Rafting

Canopy & Rafting

Explore the nature in Costa Rica in the treetops and on water.

Fly through the tops of the trees with top speeds of 37 m/h (60 km/h), you can experience zip lining on different lengths and different heights of cables. 

The licensed guides will help you with the equipment and give you some information beforehand on how to use the equipment safely. Enjoy over 11 cables and platforms, the two hour tour is ideal for all ages and has two kilometers of cable. 

After the zip line tour you will stop for a quick fruit and water break, afterwards you will be transported comfortably to the next destination. 

The Balsa River is a white water river which has class II and III rapids. Along your rafting adventure you will see lots of exotic animals, like monkeys, toucans and some exotic birds. 

Before your start rafting, your guides will explain you the safety features and how the equipment works. 

Please keep in mind: this tour is not possible for pregnant women, people who have had recent surgeries, people who have suffered recent injuries and people with heart problems.

Weather: rain does not necessarily mean that the tour is cancelled, the tour operator will determine what bad weather means. Be prepared and bring a raincoat with you!

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Canopy & Rafting 8:00 AM / 8 hours