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Hot Springs

Why your vacation is incomplete if you skip these 8 Arenal hot springs.

Do you know the luxurious secret of Arenal Volcano? Thanks to the region’s geothermal activity, there are a number of natural hot springs throughout the area. Warm and soothing, these springs offer you an ideal way to relax after a day spent exploring Arenal. The best part? There are all kinds of hot springs in Costa Rica, and each offers a different experience for every type of traveller — including the family friendly variety. So, whether you’re going on a romantic getaway or have the kiddos in tow, you’ll still be able to make time to slip into nature’s bath tub. Can’t you feel the stress melting away already?

Sunrise over Arenal Volcano.

When you need a healing experience…

High in bicarbonate and chlorides and low on sulfur, you can treat your skin (and your nose) when you take a dip in one of Los Perdidos Springs’ (The Lost Springs) seven pools of varying temperature. Or, plunge into one of Las Lagunas’ (The Lagoons) twelve pools of varying temperature.

A couple relaxes with their eyes closed in a pool at The Springs Resort, with mini-waterfall feature.

Be surrounded by luscious landscaping and warm, soothing waters when you visit these Costa Rica hot springs — each is located on the grounds of The Springs Resort and Spa.

A stunning, illuminated pool at The Springs resort is surrounded by palm trees on a moonlit night.

Because sustainable travel is top of your list…

Welcome to Tabacón Hot Springs — an eco-friendly, carbon-neutral resort. No, you don’t have to be a guest to enjoy this hot spring, so you can still support the resort’s mission even if you choose to stay elsewhere. Not only will you have the chance to immerse yourself in five pools of varying temperatures, you can also take a refreshing dip in the cold river, or slide down a water slide!

A couple enjoys the lush landscaping and waterfall features of Tabacon Hot Springs.

You travel with intention and support family enterprises…

Eco Termales is the life’s work of the Hidalgo family. You can feel good about supporting small business owners when you’re slipping into one of their four pools during your vacation. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to try out each pool because this hot spring has a cap on the maximum amount of guests allowed. See? Doing a good deed does have its rewards.

Stonework and foliage surround the pools of Eco Termales Hot Springs.

Because you really need to treat yourself…

A vacation is all about options. Whether you need a little luxury or a lot, you can make your way to Titoku Hot Springs. This Arenal hot spring is part of the luxurious Arenal Kioro Hotel and Resort, but because it’s accessible to non-guests, you can either splurge on staying at Arenal Kioro or choose more modest accommodations whilst you enjoy their facilities.

The luscious foliage and luxurious setting of Titoku Hot Springs.

You want to enjoy a soak with a view…

Get just the right amount of thrill and relaxation when you visit Baldi Hot Springs. You’ll enjoy extraordinary views, but be perfectly safe. This natural scenery is the perfect addition to Baldi’s many warm and cold pools. Close your eyes and exhale in the water; open them, to be surrounded by nature and tranquility.

Emerald palm trees and luscious foliage surround a Baldi Hot Springs pool.

You’re looking for economical options…

Affordable luxury takes on a new meaning at Los Laureles — this hot spring is a mere $12 USD for the entire day. Since you’re welcome to bring your own food, you can pack a lunch and keep the costs even lower. Don’t worry, locals frequent this Arenal hot spring too because of its laid-back nature.

Los Laureles

The best way to sneak relaxation into family fun…

Kalambu Hot Springs Water Park is an adventure for the whole family. There’s no way the children will get bored at this Arenal hot spring — not with all of the slides, platforms, and water cannons to choose from. If you want to be surrounded by smiles and the sound of laughter, this is the hot spring for you!

A giant red bucket feature dumps water on revelers.

You simply need to de-stress…

Relax your mind and your body when you indulge in Paradise Hot Springs’ five warm pools and a brisk cold pool. Adults will enjoy this hot spring more than children because the intention is to take your time and lounge in the various pools. If you go in the evening, you can enjoy the colourful lights that illuminate these tranquil waters.

Three vacationers enjoy the colorful lights and waterfall feature of Paradise Hot Springs at night.

To learn more about each of these hot springs in Costa Rica, just click the tiles below. If you’re looking for an all-in-one experience that combines relaxation and adventure, choose a combo tour where you can enjoy outdoor adventure and cultural experiences before unwinding in the warm water.

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