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Los Perdidos Springs

Los Perdidos Springs
$80.00 USD
Los Perdidos Springs (The Lost Springs) and Las Lagunas (The Lagoons) are located at The Springs Resort and Spa.

The seven springs of Los Perdidos range in temperature from 76º to 98º F (24º to 36º C)  and have a mineral content that is high in bicarbonate and chlorides but low in sulfur. Surrounded by rainforest vegetation and flowering plants, they sit just 100 meters from the locker rooms. The path from the changing rooms is dubbed the Heliconia Walk, as it is paved with over 150 different species of heliconias plants. At the center of the Los Perdidos Springs, guests will find both a bar and a waterslide.

Las Lagunas Springs are found at the base of the main hotel building. These twelve springs range in temperature from 83º to 103º F (28º to 40º C) and are surrounded by lush landscaping and inviting sitting areas. There’s a wet bar available for guests needing to quench their thirst while still relaxing within the springs’ calming waters.

Guests have access to both the Los Perdidos and Las Lagunas springs. There is a $10 deposit for towels and a $5 charge for lockers. Restaurant, bar, and spa services are available but not included in the general entrance fee. Transportation is also not included in this price.

Tour Time

  • 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Los Perdidos Springs FROM:
$80.00 USD
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