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Arenal - Monteverde Transport

Arenal - Monteverde Transport
Arenal and Monteverde are just 25 km (15.5 miles) apart, but with an altitude difference of 1.150 m (almost 4000 ft), a steep drop and several roadblocks makes direct passage between the two towns difficult. Here you can read several easier options for passage between the two.

The several roadblocks which consist of an active volcano, Costa Rica's largest lake, seven rivers and a rugged, densely forested mountain range make it very difficult to get from Arenal to Monteverde or the other way around. The trip by road entails a very bumpy 4 to 5 hour journey by car or an 8 hour journey by bus (with one transfer). The following options make it a lot easier to get from one place to the other:

Taxi-Boat-Taxi: this trip will give you the comfortable door to door taxi (mini van) transportation, with a scenic boat ride in between. On the boat ride you will have beautiful views over the volcano and the forested Tilaran Mountain range. You will also have the opportunity to see a wild range of animals on the lake shore. 

Private Taxi-Boat-Taxi: this trip is exactly the same as the Taxi-Boat-Taxi but you will have the privilege of a private mini van and boat.


Pick-up and drop-off at Arenal/Monteverde hotels.

What to Bring

Long pants, sweater of jacket, hiking boots or sneakers, sun-screen, camera and insect repellent.

What's Included

Experienced and professional guides, riding equipment, rain poncho, fruit snacks, water, luggage transfers.

Tour Time

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Arenal - Monteverde Transport More Times & Rates

Booking options and times for Arenal - Monteverde Transport

Name Start Time
Taxi-Boat-Taxi 8:30 AM / 4 hours
2:30 PM / 4 hours
Private Taxi-Boat-Taxi Every 15 minutes in between
7:00 AM - 4:45 PM
4 hours