Lake Arenal Dam

The Lake Arenal Dam stands brightly lit to the west of the Arenal Volcano. Lake Arenal Dam (The Sangregado Dam) is administered by the I.C.E (Instituto Costaricense de Electricidad, Costa Rica's National Electric Power Company).

In 1979, Lake Arenal was enlarged to 33 square miles (85.5 sq. km) – some three times its original size. The I.C.E.’s goal was to create a hydroelectric dam that would provide energy not only to the residents in the immediate vicinity, but to people throughout the rest of the country. Successful in their endeavor, the Lake Arenal Dam now produces nearly 12% of the country’s total electricity.

The lake itself is a popular place to fish, boat, and windsurf. The impressive Arenal Volcano dominates its western horizon, while its shorelines are surrounded by verdant rolling hills.

The dam seen from the taxi/boat/taxi trip to Monteverde