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November 2008 Observatory Lodge


Since April 2007, the material from the active cone has been flowing down the south and southwest slope of the Arenal Volcano – directly in front of the Arenal Observatory Lodge.

The weather was clear the entire night of November 5, 2008. We set up along the west side of the Observatory deck where there was the least amount of light. Unfortunately, people continued to try and capture photos using their flash cameras (which is impossible), and this ended up ruining several of our long exposure images. All in all, though, we ended up coming away with several amazing photographs.

There were no large eruptions on this night, but rather a steady stream of tumbling, fiery boulders.

Check out our Arenal Volcano Map for an update on the volcano’s current activity. It did, however, enter into a resting phase in 2010. At present, no eruptions are occurring.