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Arenal Volcano Eruption - Febuary, 2006



The first Arenal Volcano picture above taken from the west face on February 12, 2006 @ 1h10 am (almost full moon). The others taken on Feb. 2 @ 9h01 pm, 9h03 pm & a strombolian eruption @ 9h37 pm (see enlargement below).

The West face of the volcano is the most active side at the present (as we updated this page on February 16, 2006) with lava flowing every 5 minutes or so since March '05 (flowing in this direction since 11 months). Note that the lava is constantly changing sides or paths depending on conduits (vents) opening and closing and the lava finding the path with the least resistance, just like a stream does. Sorry, there is no way of predicting where it is going to flow when you will visit us because the volcano is a living thing with a mind of his own. If you look at our "Recent Eruption History" on our Arenal Volcano map, you will notice that a flow lasted 9 months while others lasted 9 years. Read about magma, conduits and how the volcano works.

These Arenal eruption photos were taken from the West side of the Arenal Volcano from the Mirador Lodge in Monteverde; 16 km (11 miles) South-west from the volcano as the crow flies, elevation 1,500 meters compare to the Arenal Volcano's summit who is @ 1,700 meters (1 meter = roughly 3 feet), but you can have a similar point of view at a lower altitude near the entrance of the Arenal National Park. See Volcano map

The first picture below is a close-up of a strombolian eruption that occurred @ 9h37 pm on February 2, 2006. The other pictures were taken the same night @ 10h04, 10h50, 11h01 & 0h34 am on Feb. 3. On the last picture, the lights below are from the village of El Castillo & the Hotel Linda Vista del Norte, on the right side it's the lights of the Arenal Observatory Lodge. The moon was hidden behind the clouds and it was foggy. Camera was set @ 1,600 ASA & the exposure @ 1.5 minutes, F6.

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