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Arenal Eruption Photos May 22, 2005


May is rainy season but usually the weather is clear in the morning with an hour or so of rain in the afternoon and clear sky at night. On May 22, 2005 the volcano was quite active with lava flowing every 10 minutes or so on the West side. These photos were taken by Jacques Bertrand the webmaster of with a Nikon D70 equipped with a 70/300mm zoom and a tripod between May 21, 9h02 pm and May 22, 5h19 am from the Mirador Lodge in Monteverde (16 km from the volcano as the crow flies). All photos are the property of and cannot be reproduced without our written consent except for not for profit purposes and a credit to/ 
Arenal Eruption Photos June 22, 2005

Eruption Photos June 22, 2005  All photos © Copyright 2005