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Tortuguero is one of Costa Rica's premier ecotourism destinations. As its name suggests, it is a nesting ground for giant sea turtles, including Leatherback, Green, Hawksbill, and Loggerhead sea turtles. Accessible only by boat or air, the Tortuguero canals offer a unique experience to travelers accustomed to traveling by car. In fact, there are no cars in Tortuguero, and the region's transportation usually involves a boat ride along heavily forested canals or the glassy oceanic water. More information about Tortuguero Costa Rica


Distance From
-SJO: To Cano Blanco 164 km, 4 hours; -Cano Blaco: 35 km, 1.5 hours by boat.  - LIR: To Cano Blanco 360 km, 7 hours; from Cano Blanco 35 km, 1.5 hours by boat. - Arenal: To Caño Blanco 211 km, 3.5 hours.
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