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Home to steady surfing waves, perfect Pacific sunsets, a diversity of dining options and a healthy nightlife, Tamarindo is an ideal destination for relaxing and enjoying the beach. Over the last 5 years, the area has experienced major expansion through the construction of condos, homes, and hotels. While it still remains a fantastic beach, Tamarindo exemplifies the environmental challenges and growth pressures that come with quick development. Fearful of losing its charming characteristics, Tamarindo has taken steps to slow its growth and refocus on environmental and biological preservation. These efforts have improved water quality and beach cleanliness dramatically over the last year. More information about Tamarindo Costa Rica.


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SJO: 266 km (165 mi), 5.5 hours; LIR: 80 km (50 mi), 1.5 hours; Arenal: 260 km (162 mi), 5 hours
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