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Montezuma is one of Costa Rica's most laid-back destinations. Full of natural beauty (there are dozens of large and small beaches within walking distance, and a set of nearby waterfalls that are ideal for cooling off), it's easy to take off and enjoy the outdoors for a day. There are limited luxury accommodations, but travelers will find a variety of comfortable options. For its small size, Montezuma has a high number of quality restaurants. More information about Montezuma Costa Rica.


Distance From
SJO: 148 km 5:30 hours. Year round car ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera and Paquera to Montezuma. - LIR: Dry season (Dec-Apr) coastal route 250 km 5 hours (May-August intermittently passable). Rainy Season (May-Nov) 160 km 7 hours Puntarenas Ferry.
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