Feedback Letters - Arenal to/from Monteverde

Feedback letters that we have received about our 4x4 and boat transfer between Arenal Volcano Costa Rica and Monteverde Cloud Forest.

Show me more taxi-boat-taxi photos!

Subject: Hi from Montreal
From: "Grant Millar" <[email protected]>

Hi Jacques,

Thanks again for your help in planning the balance of our trip in Costa Rica. We enjoyed
the shortcut to the Arenal Volcano (La Fortuna). It had the flavour of travelling by the
underground with meeting speedboats in isolated jungle areas and all. Unfortunately, we didn't get up the volcano at night since there had been some heavy rains in the area and I was advised against the trails for the kids while we were there.

When Glenn heard about the alligator farm, and after I mentioned the fact they sometimes eat chickens, he thought we should have brought THE rooster.

The kids enjoyed the rest of their time in Costa Rica, but thought we should head back to your place at the end .............. for a few more months! Maybe next time.

Can you please give me your mailing address, as I have some pictures you requested?

Grant, Glenn, Kassandra, Samantha
boat taxi arenal - monteverde

arenal viewed from the boat

Subject: Boat to Arenal
From: "Lucia L. Kaiser" <[email protected]>

Dear Jacques,

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay in Monteverde. As a family of four, we were very comfortable in the upstairs room and appreciated having access to the kitchen. The shortcut across the lake Arenal was a lot of fun too.

Best wishes.
Lucia Kaiser

Subject: Great Service in Monteverde rainforest!.

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999  From: Jack Viorel Organization: SMFCSD To: [email protected] (you can send them a comment also!)  If you do, send us a copy. We love to have feed-back.

Dear Lonely Planet, I am a teacher and frequent traveling surfer. I have been to Costa Rica many times and have always had fantastic experiences. Recently I went to CR with my girlfriend and had another amazing vacation. However this time I came across a real gem, a fabulous pension in Santa Elena de Monteverde. It is run by Jacques Bertrand and it is called Pension Santa Elena. 

The rates are incredibly cheap for what you get. The rooms are big and very nice. $7 per person for rooms with shared bath and up to $15 per person for the nicer rooms with private bathrooms. He also offers e-mail, laundry, horseback tours, Sky Trek reservations (a canopy tour with 9 cables, 11zip lines, 3 suspended bridges, an observation tower, etc.) and short cuts to Arenal Volcano. We did the Sky Trek Tour it was fantastic...beautiful views and great guides. We also did the jeep-boat short cut to the Arenal Volcano, that too was spectacular, a highlight of our trip.

 Lake ArenalObservation tower of Sky TrekVolcano Arenal, seen from the boat

Even more incredible is the service that Jacques gives his customers. Besides being very helpful and informative, Jacques is friendly and truly honest. When we left on the jeep-boat tour unbeknownst to us we had left some travelers checks and plane tickets behind. Jacques went out of his way to contact us during this remote tour to tell us that he had our things in safe keeping. Amazingly he was able to contact us using a pager while on the boat, and again by CB radio to make sure we received the information. 

Since it was impossible to go back, he waited for us to contact him with instructions on what to do. He offered to FAX things and was a great help as we arranged to get new travelers checks through the bank. Everything worked out just fine, because Jacques went out of his way to make sure we knew about our mistake, we may not have found out until it was too late. I have always found the information in your guide books to very helpful, extremely accurate, and of high quality.

 Jacques' pension and service are definitely of Lonely Planet quality.

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