Arenal Volcano Satellite Photo

Arenal Costa Rica Satellite Photo

This satellite photo was taken from:

Below is today's satellite photo of Costa Rica. It is updated every 30 minutes. Check the time stamp at the top. You will see the date and UTC (GMT) time. Our local time is the UTC time minus 6 hours. A yellow arrow indicates Arenal Volcano. Be patient, as the photo may take a few minutes to load. Also, note that in Costa Rica the sun rises at 5h30 am and sets around 5h30 pm. If itŐs night, the photo will be dark.


Actual time (24 hour) and temperature for San Jose, Costa Rica:

Average annual daytime temperature for Arenal is between 21° C and 27.5° C (69 °F and 82°F. Average annual rainfall: 3.500 mm to 5.000 mm (136 inches to 195 inches). The wet season is from May to January, and the dry season is from from February to April.

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